Alexander Spit

Alexander Spit "Alive at Virgil Normal" Limited Edition Cassette

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1) Theo's Show feat. Theo Martins
2) It's Alive feat. Champion Chills
3) Dolo Interlude
4) Iverson feat. Theo Martins, Manu Li & Hugh Augustine
5) Feng Shui feat. Manu Li
6) Malbec feat. Theo Martins, Manu Li, AmirSaysNothing, KT the Terrible & Gray Robertson
7) Donald / Kanye feat. Manu Li & Hugh Augustine
8) Eastside Interlude feat. Senay, KT the Terrible & Gray Robertson
9) Open Fire / J Dilla Changed My Life feat. Manu Li, AmirSaysNothing, Senay & Gray Robertson
10) Roses

All tracks written, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered in 10 hours at Virgil Normal in Los Angeles, CA on November 19, 2016

Contributions / distractions / support / involvement were made open to the public without intentions of results or completion. The album was dubbed to 100 cassettes that day and was paired with 1 of 1 hand drawn art by artist, Matt McCormick.

"Alive At Virgil Normal" is available for sale at Virgil Normal (4157 Normal Ave, Los Angeles, CA)